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You can support Quest in many different ways!

Come to our Shows!

Come enjoy an intelligent, whimsical performance that encourages children to explore who they are, discover whats important and build the kind of world they want to live.


Volunteers are so important here at Quest.
We’ve got Huffer Crews, Water Cooler Crews,  Fancy Evening Crews and many other Crews to suit all types and ages of volunteers.  Come and be part of our efforts to bring exceptional theatrical adventure to young people!
If you are interested in specific volunteer tasks at Quest, email our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@questtheatre.org

Your Donation Matters!

We believe that all young people should have access to exceptional adventures no matter their financial constraints. Your individual donation dollars are used to bring our programs to schools that would not otherwise have access due to limited financial resources. Help underprivileged youth access our popular Summer Camp program with your donation.


Some Awesome Stats With Your Help

1.4 Million Audiences to Date



of programing provided by corporate sponsers and donors

summer camp registrants (kids)


Our Amazing Supporters


Quest Theatre is a registered charity under the Societies Act of Alberta. We gratefully acknowledge our municipal, provincial and federal funders for their support of our work.

Our Corporate Partners are instrumental in reaching rural communities and youth at risk.


We gratefully acknowledge and thank the following individual donors for their support:

Anonymous (14)

A. Ronald and Barbara J. Law

Alan and Mary Tamaki

Alanna Hargan

Andrew and Suzy Judson

Barry and Johanna Wilkie

Blair Carbet and Shaun Hunter

Braden Griffiths

Cheryl Bickford

Cheryl Gratton

Christopher and Nikki Loach

Cimmeron Meyer

Cindy Radu

Daniel and Donavin Dale and Ashley Lore

Debbie Read

Duval and Pam Lang

Elizabeth Shortt

Elrose J. Klause

F.W. & J. M. Derbyshire

Frank Wolever

Gaylene Scott

Geoff Ewert and Adrienne Smook

Gordon Salahor and Kelly Hewson

H.G and B.A. Townsend

Heery Lynn

J & M Gibney

J.P. Fournier and S. Busby

Jim A. and Corinne MacLean

Jim and Liz McGregor

John and Carol Savery

John P. van Der Put

Joyce and Quentin Doolittle

Karen Brow

Karen Johnson-Diamond

Karen Youngberg

Kathleen A. Kloepfer

Lisa Burgis

Lisa Delaney

Livingstone School

Louis W. MacEachern

Mackenzie Page

Martin and Kathy Lundmark

Nancy K. Peters

Nicholas Stoll

Nick Kirton

Nova Lea Thorne

Pamela Perkins

Penni and Andy Clarke

Peter and Debbie Dale

Rod and Jean McKay

Rose Brow

Shandra Gallant

Susan and Brian Loach

T. Peter and Mary E. Burns

The Wolfe Family


Tim and Mandy Dale

Tracy Wharton

Y. Shimizu and R. Lefebvre