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Quest celebrates and shares the Art of Theatre by providing artistic opportunities and resources for young people, families, educators and artists. Quest blends elements of theatrical performance with current instructional methods in approaches that activate and support learning.
The Quest experience provides uniquely teachable moments. Consultation is central in identifying the needs of parents and in proving meaningful and thought provoking works of art for the young individuals that we serve.
Experiences allow for individuals to explore complex ideas through the art in a manner that complements and supports new intellect confidence. Reflection, self-awareness, recognition or alternatives and the creative expression of opinions and new insight are all hallmarks of the Quest experience.
The Quest experience is accessible to all; it encourages acceptance of the diverse makeup of our communities and the volue of respecting each other's differences to find ways to work collaboratively.
Quest exemplifies excellence in acting, directing, developing and delivering artistic works with our schools and communities. Young people gain insight on the performing arts as a means to describe, interpret evaluate, judge, connect and understand ideas and issues in life.
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