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Quest's Values
Quest Theatre's legacy goes beyond our performances and programs. Our commitment to quality, intelligence and innovation are linked to our values. Quest's programs are continuously assessed against these values to ensure we are delivering exceptional adventures in theatre.
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The Quest experience is inspiring. We evolve the creative practice for artists and for young people. We try new things, new forms and work with new people. We believe in the joy of creating things ourselves.
Quest's artistic vision is to nurture young people through exceptional adventures in theatre. With every theatrical experience Quest asks "What do we want young people to know?" With our performances and programs we crate cycles of inquiry, understanding, empathy and action.
Quest brings people together through making and presenting theatre. We believe that everyone has a story, everyone can play and things are always better when we do it together.
Quest takes the time to get things right. We engage experts and professionals to work with us, to guide and advise us. We encourage critical discourse and implement valuable feedback from our stakeholders.
The people at Quest love what we do. We take time to enjoy each other, interact with the public and celebrate our achievements. When working with young people we know it is important to say thank you, good job and we did it!
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