Quest Theatre creates smart, whimsical and visually stunning theatre that will engage young people and their families.

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Created by Puente Theatre and The Old Trout Puppet Workshop with Artistic Contributions from Nikki Loach. Performed in English or French

The Umbrella is a love story about a man and his umbrella set in a theatrical-storm contraption, complete with thunder sheet, wind machine, and rainspout.

Grades K-8

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Created by the Artists of Making Treaty 7

Co-production with Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society

Together, Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists tell the story the shared history of our land. With a special emphasis on healing, this full-day of theatrical adventures included; a play for grades 4-6, a light and shadow show for grades 1-3, a song for Kindergarten and a Round Dance for all.

Grades K - 6

**Please note: For schools, this show currently has a waitlist. If you are interested in being added to our waitlist for this show please click the link below.



By Suzanne Lebeau, Translated by John Van Burek

In partnership with Théâtre à Pic. 

Performed in French or English

In this enchanting play Élise and Léo, whose lives are dictated by the sand in an hourglass, have come to fear the outside world. One day their flying shoes escape out the front door and they are forced to venture into the unknown. Grades K – 8.

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An original Quest Theatre Production created by Nikki Loach with artistic contributions by Peter Balkwill and development support provided by Young People’s Theatre, Toronto, Canada

SNOW ANGEL is a story about the ripple effect of kindness set in a Canadian community during winter. It is a story told with movement, using masks and music.  This story is told without words and is accessible to children of all backgrounds. Snow Angel confirms the benefit of living in a community and how kind acts can have a positive effect on all of us. This play is appropriate for families with children ages 5 and up and has a running time of approximately 55 minutes.