Drama Camps!

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Kids can be shy or enthusiastic, intellectual or physical, imaginative or quiet  - but they all have great stories to tell!  Creating a show in one week is an exhilarating experience and we are blessed with artists that love sharing their passion for theatre making with young people to help campers along the way.  Quest Theatre camps support different levels of creative development, celebrate every creative twitch, and most of all, nurtures the organic ridiculous and brilliant ideas of your child!

Spring Break Camps

For ages 6-12 (one week camp) $315

Quest Theatre’s Spring Break camps celebrate the organic, ridiculous and brilliant creations of a child. Kids aged 6-12 get to explore the world of live performance with experienced artists who love to share their passion for theatre. Children gain self-esteem, confidence, communication tools, and friends. Campers share their very own theatrical creations in our rehearsal hall at the end of each week.
March 23-27, 2020
April 14-17, 2020

Halloween Horror Make-up Workshop

Saturday, Oct. 26 | 1:00pm – 4:00pm | Ages 13 – 15 | $95 including GST | up to 12 students

Quest Theatre Rehearsal Hall room 325 at cSPACE!

Learn theatrical make-up techniques to produce brutal bruises, gruesome cuts, nasty burns and impossible scars on arms and faces. Make a demo mask so you can take a lasting version of your horrific creations home! Dress to get messy. All materials included. Just in time for Halloween!

Summer Camps at
cSPACE King Edward


For ages 6-9 (one week camp) $315

This camp capitalizes on the imaginative talents of children aged 6 – 9.  It doesn’t take much to make believe a wild adventure with this age group! Through playing creatively as a group, a story, and characters emerge!  Some weeks we have no idea how we take puppies, aliens, princesses and detectives into a performance by Friday – but we always get there, laughing and creating the whole way!


For ages 10 – 12 (one week camp) $315

This camp acknowledges this age groups ability to weave complex stories and build multifaceted relationships. Working together, young people are guided to consider other ideas to satisfy the best story outcome.  Group support and encouragement often lead to utilizing humour and extreme character exploration. Campers blossom at this age and confidence and group achievement is often a by-product of the fun!


for ages 10 – 14 (two week camp) $580

For those campers who LOVE drama and making plays, this two week camp often involves prototyping performance material through writing, improvisation or planned scene work. Campers regularly come together and overtake or suggest whole plays to instructors whose job is really to gather, encourage and reflect ideas back for further exploration.  Nurturing campers collective vision, giving campers the opportunity to make their own choices, and implementing their own strategies for innovation is the reason these campers and their friends often return year after year.

Bursary Application

Quest is committed to providing quality arts education to ALL children. If you or your child are interesting in attending camp and need assistance with the cost please fill out the bursary application form below.
Bursary Applications for Spring and Summer 2020 are currently open.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 403-264-8575.