Artists In School Residencies


Quest Theatre's Artists in School Residency program provides schools with an interactive week-long theatrical experience where a team of artists facilitates the creation of an original production that includes everyone. 

When working with Elementary schools, all grade levels including Kindergarten are incorporated and when working with Jr. and Sr. High Schools we typically work with drama classes or a specific grade level.

The details of a residency are determined in coordination with the school to best suit its unique needs. A Quest residency easily works along side regular classes and can be adapted to accommodate 4-day weeks.


2019/20 Current Weeks Available:

* Weeks with a star are 4 day weeks * 

September 3 - 6 *
September 9 - 13
September 16 - 20
September 23 - 27
September 30-October 4
October 7 - 10 *
October 14 - 18
October 21 - 25
October 28 - November 1
November 4 - 8
November 12 - 15 *
November 18 - 22
November 25 - 29
December 16 - 20
February 10 - 14
March 16 - 20
March 23 - 27
April 6 - 9 *
April 14 - 17 *
April 27 - May 1
May 4 - 8
May 11 - 15
May 19 - 22 *
May 25 - 29
June 1 - 5
June 8 - 12
June 15 - 19
June 22 - 26 

We are now booking 2019/2020 Residencies!


Shakespeare Plays:
Our teams love this residency option that gives students the opportunity to do abridged versions of Shakespeare’s plays.  Schools chose from an assortment of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays: Midsummers Night Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet or Twelfth Night.  A fun and accessible introduction to the poetic genius of Shakespeare.

Canadian Authors:
In cultivating young storytellers, we like to recognize the contributions of great Canadian Authors.  Team members encourage students to tell their own versions of stories in our growing collection. Our roster of stories include: Robert Munsch’s Paperbag Princess, Melanie Watts’ Scaredy Squirrel, Kyo Maclear’s Mr. Flux as well as some local traditional Blackfoot stories, lead by local Indigenous team members, when available.

Each class starts with a virtue to explore.  Schools can choose from our list of words such as courage, kindness or responsibility, or they can suggest other one word themes they wish to explore.  Our artists walk students through the creative process of story making using strategies such as imaginative play, improvisation, storyboarding, writing, editing, staging, rehearsal and performance.

Telling Our Stories
(PILOTED 2019)
Teachers receive a pre-residency assignment to explore, discuss and to gather and share stories about culture with their students. Teams of artists create a class performance with each classroom using material they have generated.  This residency shares insights on the connection between culture and story.

Funding Opportunities

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) has specific funding for schools in relation to Arts Education. They are accepting applications for the 2020/21 school year until April 1, 2020. If you are in need of any assistance with your application, our Program Coordinator Joanna would be happy to help you.

Did you know Quest Theatre fundraises on behalf of schools and families who can’t afford our programming? Last season, we used generous donations from sponsors and donors totalling $42,000 to help deserving schools and families gain access to our programming. Occasionally we have to search for eligible recipients of this funding. Do you know a school who would love a visit from Quest Theatre, but simply cannot afford it?

Tell us about a school you think should be considered for our Priority Funding List.

Artist in Residency Application Form

Please caLL jOANNA AT 403-264-8575 OR complete the form bELOW to Submit a booking request

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The final price depends on the number Artists required based on the number of students/classes at the school. The final amount will be calculated when finalizing the school details.
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Transportation Surcharge
A transportation surcharge is levied to schools that are more than 100kms from Calgary. Final cost of the surcharge will be calculated based on the total distance the school is from Calgary.
Fees for a Residency:
The fees for a residency are based on the # of students/classes, geographic location of school and booking date; and range from $8,000- $14,000 (+GST) The final price for this booking will be confirmed by our Program Coordinator who will contact you to finalize the dates, times and cost for your school's Artists in School Residency week.
Funding Assistance:
Schools are eligible to apply for a grant to cover 50% or 75% of the residency fee (excluding GST) through the Alberta Foundation For The Arts (AFA). If you are a school outside the municipal boundary of Calgary or Edmonton proper and your artist has to travel more than 100kms from home, you are eligible for up to 75% of the residency fee. All other schools are eligible for up to 50% of the residency fee. The application deadline is April 1st for the following school year. Link: Quest Theatre has a priority funding list for schools in need of financial assistance. Link: